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FDA's Warnings Regarding MMS

The FDA has issued warnings regarding the use of a product called MMS saying that can cause nausea, severe vomiting and life-threatening low blood pressure.

MMS is the name of a product developed by Jim Humble who discovered that chlorine dioxide in small amounts cured Malaria overnight. Malaria was said to be incurable and millions have died from it. However it is a parasitic infection which chlorine dioxide easily wipes out. Chlorine ...

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CDFC Fires back at Attorney General

Press Release:

Los Angeles, CA - December 6th 2011 - Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC) reported last month that California State Attorney General, Kamala Harris has been meeting with pro-marijuana organizations, seeking their advice and input on soon-to-be-released guidelines tying the hands of California law enforcement officers from shutting down pot stores.

Her office has consistently refused to meet with anti-drug coalitions.

CDFC submitted ...

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It's More Than Just Hillary

It's more than just the corrupt Clintons. It's more than an illegitimate president. It's more than just a miscarriage of justice that has cleared Hillary of prosecution for her crimes.

What it is can best be described as an entire government overthrown by a gang of organized criminals who actively work to conceal their crimes from the public and protect their co-conspirators in the event any of their crimes are exposed.

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This Is What Powerful Criminals Do

When you are a notorious criminal who has been accused of drug dealing, rape, pedophilia and selling national secrets to our enemies, but no one has had the guts to prosecute you because those who have tried to take you down ended up dead, what do you do when your wife stands accused of equally bad crimes? You meet with the top cop in the nation to discuss how all that nasty business of arrest, ...

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Wonder Why We are Fighting in the Middle-East?

The United States government has been infiltrated by Israelis. How is this possible? The United States not only allows citizens of Israel to become U.S. citizens while still holding their Israeli citizenship, they also allow these people to hold office within our government.

Considering it was Israel who was deeply involved with the attacks of 9/11, they should be considered the enemy of the American people. However they seem to get along ...

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