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Holiday tips for saving money and having fun

Holidays have become kind of mandatory in today’s hectic lifestyle. Reports say that in 2014, almost 99 million Americans went for holidays annually to various destinations of the world. And with prices of gas and fuel expecting to come down, the numbers of travelers are sure to increase in the coming times. One of the main issues that need to be taken into consideration with traveling is the cost incurred in the same.
Here ...

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Send me some Oakdale please

Hi folks. Guess what?
My mom, whom a lot of you know as "the lady that lives by the baseball field at Fair Oaks School", will be flying back to New York to see me.
This is a really big deal because she doesn't like to fly. Something else that has her spooked is the recent car bomb threat in nearby Times Square. We are all safe and things are fine. She ...

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