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Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

It's over. This is no longer the "Land of the Free". The FBI cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrong doing after she committed acts of treason, compromised national security, sold arms to tyrannical dictators, disregarded the security of Americans serving this country in Libya resulting in their deaths, provided weapons to terrorists, and on and on. Too much to list. If anyone ever deserved to be put in prison for life, Hillary is that person. ...

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Update to MMS blog

Today is a sad day. My friend who had pancreatic cancer died at home today. His wife and daughter were there at his side. The MMS he was taking made him feel better but I think it was too l a t e for him as he had spent the last 5 years on Prednizone, the steroid prescribed to him to fight the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This drug disables the immune s y s ...

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Marijuana use dangers.

There is scientific evidence that proves the harms associated with marijuana. Why pro marijuana advocates deny them is beyond reason, but it's time to set the record straight.

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Big False-flag Coming?

An unprecedented effort to silence free speech by the Deep State Mainstrea_m Media is presently taking place. The Mainstrea_m Media is preparing for another event probably much bigger than the school shooting in Florida. They have so far been unable to control the narrative regarding that shooting. You say you don't believe that the Deep State have a hand in school shootings. Four Broward County deputies were told to stand down. EMTs were told to ...

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The Scam Known As Medical Marijuana

The goal of drug legalization advocates historically has been to convince the general public that marijuana is a harmless plant. Of course, they are fully aware of the fact that so called “medical” marijuana is grossly abused, and store front dispensaries are nothing more than legitimized (Prop 215) drug dealing operations. In September of 2006, the California Healthcare Collective located on McHenry Avenue in Modesto was raided by law enforcement and it’s owners Luke Scarmozzo ...

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