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Big False-flag Coming?
Last comment by rocknrolus 1 year, 9 months ago.

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An unprecedented effort to silence free speech by the Deep State Mainstrea_m Media is presently taking place. The Mainstrea_m Media is preparing for another event probably much bigger than the school shooting in Florida. They have so far been unable to control the narrative regarding that shooting. You say you don't believe that the Deep State have a hand in school shootings. Four Broward County deputies were told to stand down. EMTs were told to stand down. They needed the children to die to push their anti-gun narrative. Now Florida's Attorney General is investigating the Broward County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Scott Israel boasts about his great leadership yet no one in Broward County seems to agree with him. He has blamed the "gun" as is always the case when they murder innocent people as they try to disarm us. The Deep State is evil. They are a Satanic cult so don't expect any compassion out of them.

Infowars.com is a website founded by Alex Jones. Jones has been investigating the globalist takeover for over 20 years and leads the alternative news movement in the face of "fake news" from the mainstrea_m media. CNN is calling for the deletion of Jones' account on YouTube because they don't want anyone to be able to question the narrative following the next false-flag event. They cannot control the story with people like Jones who learns the truth and tells the world.

The left is now saying that all conservative views should be censored. This would mark the end of the First Amendment. This is exactly why we have the Second Amendment. They will not stifle our free speech. This would cause an armed revolution, a civil war. The left is America's enemy within.

There are some who believe the Deep State's next attack will be much larger, possibly involving tens of thousands of dead victims.

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rocknrolus commented on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 13:09 PM

I choose to go no further than to tell you this. You're silly and not the funny kind.

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