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Today is a sad day. My friend who had pancreatic cancer died at home today. His wife and daughter were there at his side. The MMS he was taking made him feel better but I think it was too l a t e for him as he had spent the last 5 years on Prednizone, the steroid prescribed to him to fight the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This drug disables the immune s y s t e m and RA is an auto-immune disease. Unfortunately you cannot l i v e very long without your immune s y s t e m. I don't think this was ever explained to him by the doctors. He was only told it would shorten his l i f e. Everyone grows cancerous cells in their bodies but the immune s y s t e m is usually able to stay on top of the situation by killing the cancerous cells as they appear. It seems almost guaranteed that without the immune s y s t e m functioning a cancer is going to grow out of control. He was not told this.

I did some research online and found a site that describe RA as being caused by parasites in the intestines. These parasites have tiny hooks they use to cling to the intestine wall. Those hooks can rip and tear holes in the intestine wall allowing undigested food particles to enter the b l o o d s t r e a m directly. The body responds to these foreign objects by attacking them. It is this response occurring in the blood that causes RA. However, after 5 years on Prednizone he found that it only eased the symptoms. After two months taking MMS his symptoms were going away, even as he was backing off the Prednizone. Could it be the chlorine dioxide in the MMS had killed the parasites causing the intestinal wall damage and the holes had begun to heal? Is RA simply a parasitic infection but the doctors want you to think i t ' s much more complex than that? I don't know but I know he said it used to take him a long time to get out of bed but near the end he was getting right up on his feet no problem. The only problem was his body was riddled with cancer because he was given a drug that carried a guaranteed death s e n t e n c e.

I am very disappointed with what the medical industry in this country has become. There are individuals who own these giant pharmaceutical c o m p a n i e s who have amassed so much wealth from killing off their fellow man that now they control the entire health care industry. They line us up like cattle and feed us through the machine in carefully scripted s c e n a r i o s which unfold the same over and over again. "Oh you have RA, take this." In 3 -5 years they say, "Oh you have cancer, take this chemo and\or radiation which might extend you a couple years". And then it's, "Oh, you are going to die soon and we knew that from the beginning". But the pharmaceutical companies cashed in all along the way. They also knew the path they put you on would lead to certain death at the end of treatment.

B u l l s h i t them, bill em and bag em!

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