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It's More Than Just Hillary
Last comment by Craig66 3 years, 1 month ago.

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It's more than just the corrupt Clintons. It's more than an illegitimate president. It's more than just a miscarriage of justice that has cleared Hillary of prosecution for her crimes.

What it is can best be described as an entire government overthrown by a gang of organized criminals who actively work to conceal their crimes from the public and protect their co-conspirators in the event any of their crimes are exposed.

Take for example FBI Director James Comey. Before he was the head of the FBI he was a banking executive for HSBC. In fact he was on the board of directors when HSBC was laundering trillions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels and various terrorist organizations such as ISIS. HSBC got caught doing this but none of its employees went to jail. Instead, HSBC paid out billions in fines. Then Comey was appointed as the head of the FBI.

Where was Comey before HSBC? At Lockheed-Martin, one of the biggest defense contractors. You do remember that Hillary Clinton sold weapons to countries that were on the State Department's "no sell" list of dictatorships and other regimes responsible for serious human rights violations? She did this in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has intimate ties with HSBC through its support of many different Clinton Foundation initiatives. We can see now why Hillary Clinton was able to avoid prosecution, because the man in charge of the FBI is no less of a criminal than she is and better than that, they are on the same government elitist team of criminals occupying Washington, D.C.

Oh but we have the Congress to interrogate these criminals and make them talk, right? Congress grilled Hillary over Benghazi and what happened? Like Hillary said, "What difference does it make at this point?"

Congress grilled Comey. He admitted that she committed crimes but he isn't going to do anything about it.

Congress grilled A.G. Loretta Lynch about her meeting with Bill Clinton. She couldn't give a straight answer to save her l i f e, yet what has been done? Nothing!

It appears Congress has no power to do anything except put on a good show for the TV audience. Their job is to make us think we have representatives in Washington who actually have some say in what this government does.

In the days following 9/11, all of the most important evidence from that crime was picked up and loaded on ships to be recycled in a foreign country. That was the steel from the WTC complex. That was a federal crime to remove and destroy that evidence but no one went to jail.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal and based on lies from the Bush Administration, yet no one went to jail. Don't forget that because these were unwarranted military aggression against innocent populations, those who were killed were actually murdered by the Bush Administration. This total is somewhere over 1 million. This government murdered over 1 MILLION people and nobody goes to jail. Kinda feels like Nazi Germany does it not?

The Bureau of Land Management has been stealing land from people for a long time. The federal government isn't even supposed to own land outside that needed for military installations and ports, but have any of them gone to jail? Not one of them. Do land owners have the right to shoot these federal thieves who come and rob their land? Back in the days of the Constitutional Republic that is what would have happened, rightfully!

The Federal Reserve is an illegal, privately-owned central bank that seized control of the Constitutional Republic in 1933 and everything that has followed has been criminal acts against "The People" of this nation. The Fed, along with all of these other criminals they spawned have stolen trillions of dollars from this nation and no one has gone to jail.

Barack Obama provided the U.S. citizens a fake birth certificate and he has not gone to jail. He committed fraud involving his eligibility to be president. Do you see a pattern here? The criminals in the government are above the law. They don't abide by the laws and care not what they are unless you break them.

Under A.G. Eric Holder the Department of Justice sold military-grade weapons to Mexican drug cartels and terrorist groups and no one has gone to jail. In fact these weapons shipments still continue today and Congress will do nothing to stop it.

Apparently if your crimes affect millions of people then you are considered "worthy" of membership in this elite class of tyrants and no one will do anything to prosecute you. All of this falls on the backs of the average American citizen who bears the burden of these elite criminals. They l i v e as kings at our expense and send us off to fight in their wars of aggression. All of this in the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave". This is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned. This is not what we should tolerate.

So who are the "real" controllers of this country. Banks like HSBC and companies like Lockheed-Martin. The banks that own the Federal Reserve and the trans-national corporations who have stolen our wealth. These are the people who need to be locked up forever.

The federal government was created by a mandate of "The People" to perform certain tasks for "The People". Their authority was very limited, yet this government thinks they own and control everything, including you.

It's more than just Hillary Clinton, it's the entire government. There will have to be a revolution in this land to restore proper government because these criminals are not going to just give up and go quietly to prison.

I call on every government employee to plan for the day this government turns on us and tries to kill or incarcerate us en-mass. Make your plans to disrupt their crimes against humanity. Whatever you do, make sure you are not on their side because there will be no mercy for the traitors caught assisting this government in their treasonous acts and criminal plans. Liberty will be won once again, but it will not come without a high price paid in blood. Revolution is calling!

And another thing. Do you know why there is so much "classified" information with the government? Classified information is information that is evidence of their crimes so naturally they have to classify all of this evidence so you can't see it.

The government mind-set is:
Government insiders are the only people that matter.
Citizens are slaves to be used for their labor.
Government is above the law.
Government has the right to lie to anyone, anytime.
Government has the right to steal anything they want.
Government has the right to kill anyone they want.

We have within this government the most twisted, mentally-ill, psychopaths to ever walk this earth. They have sold their soles to Lucifer and all they know is how to cheat, steal, lie and murder. They do not care what the consequences are for any of their treasonous acts because collectively it is their intention to destroy America. What we are dealing with is an organized criminal operation bound together through demonic worship. Devil worshipers are running the show and they are tapped into the source of all evil. This group is much bigger than those within the U.S. government. This is a global crime syndicate and at the top you will find the biggest banks and richest corporations. They have stolen and swindled so much of the world's wealth that they now own nearly everything.

So in reality it would take much more than a revolution in the U.S. to fix the problem. It would need to be a global revolution and some might call that World War III.

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m_jenkins commented on Thursday, Jul 14, 2016 at 13:57 PM

Hey, let's just get high and forget about all of this and maybe it will go away!

Is there anyone out there?

m_jenkins commented on Saturday, Jul 16, 2016 at 04:08 AM

But fear not the globalists, but instead fear the Lord. He alone has the power to stop these criminals and devil worshipers and their days are numbered.

America needs to turn to God because it was turning away from Him that allowed the evil to take over. While God is ultimately in control of all things, Lucifer has been allowed to control the governments and institutions on this planet. Jesus died to save us from the fate that awaits those who are consumed by the evil and those who do not call Jesus their Lord. This is a critical belief that will separate those who will perish forever and those who will l i v e on forever, after this evil has been destroyed!

Craig66 commented on Saturday, Jul 16, 2016 at 22:17 PM

m_jenkins - What is the evidence that this Lucifer character is actually the evil one?
Like, how many people has Lucifer killed and made to suffer against how many the YHVH character?
I do not buy into either one, as is claimed to be, but there has certainly been a lot more of murder and misery done in the name of one than there has the other.

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