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Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

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It's over. This is no longer the "Land of the Free". The FBI cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrong doing after she committed acts of treason, compromised national security, sold arms to tyrannical dictators, disregarded the security of Americans serving this country in Libya resulting in their deaths, provided weapons to terrorists, and on and on. Too much to list. If anyone ever deserved to be put in prison for life, Hillary is that person.

Nothing could display the depth of corruption within this government as FBI director James Comey announcing Hillary is clear of charges. What Mr. Comey is doing is a crime. He will not be arrested because he is part of the criminal organization that controls the United States government. You, the American citizen DO NOT control anything! You, and I, are now prisoners in a country that has been overthrown. Our so-called leaders are nothing more than powerful criminals. This is the same criminal organization that pulled off 9/11, has been backing ISIS and who has all but destroyed this country, until now!

Now they are throwing it directly in our faces. They are saying to us, "We do what we want and you have no say in it at all." They are sparing Hillary so they can rig the election and make her the winner because she is part of this criminal organization.

If there isn't a massive revolt by the population in the next year, we will not have a Fourth of July celebration next year. There is no point in celebrating what is lost.

Remember this about who is in control of this government, they conspired to start illegal wars by attacking this country on 9/11. There, they murdered 3,000 people. Then they sent our military into Middle-eastern countries and killed millions, including our own service personnel. They have a lust for killing and I don't think 3,000 or 3,000,000 make any difference to them. Besides, they will be blaming it on the "terrorists" like they always do.

We are living in a shooting gallery where the government trains or enables mentally unstable individuals and send them on shooting sprees. While the government agents do most of the shooting, they have a dead body to point at afterwards and blame everything on him. I pity the fools who think giving up your guns is a wise thing to do.

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