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This Is What Powerful Criminals Do

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When you are a notorious criminal who has been accused of drug dealing, rape, pedophilia and selling national secrets to our enemies, but no one has had the guts to prosecute you because those who have tried to take you down ended up dead, what do you do when your wife stands accused of equally bad crimes? You meet with the top cop in the nation to discuss how all that nasty business of arrest, prosecution, prison or execution can be avoided. So do you drive to the A.G.'s office? Oh no, that would attract too much attention. Maybe if you are lucky you will just happen to catch her at the airport, in her plane, as it waits on the tarmac. What fortunate luck would that be? Even more fortunate, considering the circumstances, she allows a 30 minute meeting with you inside her plane. A plane is a good place to discuss such sensitive things because it's very difficult to eavesdrop, especially when there are FBI agents around the plane telling reporters not to take pictures or use cell phones.

How inappropriate was a meeting like this, if not downright illegal, depending on what was said? It's time for Lynch to go the way of Holder. How do people who do so many criminal things be expected to uphold the law? A better question is how does a nation who has a federal government mandated by the people and paid for by the people, allow those in the highest offices to break the law at will and then lie to us and no one gets in trouble?

You want to know why they are so blatantly open about it now? Because they know something we don't know. They know about something very big that is going to devastate this nation and if they can avoid being lynched by the people until then, after this event occurs we will be thinking more about survival than prosecuting these criminals. We are on a sinking ship except they know when the ship is going down.

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