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...will not understand this. I hope you aren't one of those people who are so common sense challenged that you cannot understand this. If you are, do not give up hope because simply listening to logic can help your common sense work much better.

We have Hillary Clinton, who by some miracle has not been arrested and thrown in prison already (but that's a different story), trying to take our guns away from us. She wants to abolish the Second Amendment. This has been shown throughout history to result in one thing only, a society that l i v e s under the oppression of a tyrannical government.

Criminals are not law abiding citizens. They are not going to respect gun laws. In fact removing the guns from the people's hands only gives the criminals a greater chance at successfully committing their crimes. We have already seen that "Gun Free Zones" are targeted because these areas significantly improve the safety factor for the criminals at the same time making them much more dangerous places for you and your family.

Given the constant traditional threat of domestic criminals throughout history, we now are faced with a new threat, Islamic terrorism. These criminals are a whole new breed of mass-murdering types that Americans have not had to deal with in the past. Logic would have it that disarming the people during times of increased attacks is not only a stupid idea, but it is a criminal act in itself for those who are attempting to do this. It is not surprising that Hillary Clinton is yet again involved in criminal acts against the American people. A deeper investigation into her actions reveal that her policies promoted the creation of ISIS. Barack Obama is also a co-conspirator in the creation, training and arming of the ISIS army and these terrorists are still being supplied with American weapons as we speak.

So what does this tell you? We have leaders who are responsible for the threat against you and your family who are also trying to take away your guns so you are unable to protect yourself. Do you see a pattern? Do you see an obvious goal these politicians are trying to achieve? Are you ready to willingly give up your only means of protection against radical terrorists who the government is arming so they can come to your house or place of business and shoot you and your family? Do you fully understand that what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are trying to do is TREASON? Do you trust a government that illegally destroyed the most important evidence from the 9/11 attacks (the structural steel from the buildings) and then lied to us about WMD's in Iraq and illegally invaded that country and Afghanistan causing the deaths of millions of innocent people? Are you going to trust a government who presently has U.S. military in Afghanistan guarding poppy fields for the international drug dealers who profit from the heroin these poppies produce?

We have a government that is corrupt in every sense of the word. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Under present federal control our states are not free. National elections are rigged. Elected officials sell out to the highest corporate bidder. Our money is controlled by a privately-owned banking cartel. Thousands of tons of chemicals are dumped into our skies every day as part of government weather control programs. All of these things and many more are highly illegal, yet this government breaks the laws despite everyone who witnesses their crimes. Where in all of this corruption do you place your trust and belief that this government won't start killing us if they can profit from it? The nano-thermite found in the dust and debris of the World Trade Center complex was a newly developed incendiary\explosive material that had just recently been developed as part of a joint U.S.\Israeli project. Do you think 19 Arabs stole tons of this material and placed it in the buildings before flying planes (something they couldn't even do anyway) into them? We were already attacked by this government and their Israeli friends so you would support their illegal wars.

Still think we should all give up our guns when we have an extremely corrupt and violent government who keeps trying to take them? You think the terrorists are bad, wait until the government starts kicking people out of their homes and herding them into giant population centers where they will die in much more controlled environments.

For those of you who are not up to speed, you might be saying things like, "The government wouldn't do that". Guess what? You're dead wrong. Time to educate yourselves before they take away any and all sources of information available to you now.

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