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Last comment by m_jenkins 2 years, 8 months ago.

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Retired Marine Corp Colonel Matt Smith-Meck served at Guantanamo Bay and has been blowing the whistle on illegal weapons shipments leaving the United States and crossing the border into Mexico. The last shipment was on May 23, 2016 and another one is due to leave in three weeks. These weapons are going to the Mexican Army who then distributes a portion of those weapons to drug cartels. These weapons are also going to al-Qaeda and ISIS. These shipments include much more than small arms and grenades. ISIS is receiving Stinger missiles. The Stinger missile launcher is a shoulder-fired, guided missile system capable of taking down an aircraft.

Ret. Colonel Smith-Meck has reported these illegal weapons shipments to the U.S. Congress and they are doing absolutely nothing to stop this! The FBI doesn't want to get involved. This is our country damn it! Not these criminals in the government.

It has been reported in the last few days that contrary to Obama's statements, we DO have U.S. military on the ground in Syria fighting on the front lines against ISIS. However, due to the criminal activity being carried out by the Obama\Clinton\Pentagon crime ring, those American soldiers are going to come under fire from weapons made right here in the U.S. Who do you suppose is collecting the money for these weapons or are they just giving them away? Your tax dollars were used to pay for defense contracts to build these weapons and those weapons are being ILLEGALLY taken out of the country and handed to drug cartels and terrorists. Where is Donald Trump when we need him?

And the U.S. Congress sits on their fat, stupid asses doing nothing to stop this treason. That makes them all guilty of treason. Now they must be removed from office to stand trial. Arrest Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton because they must be behind this.

Link to interview with Ret. Colonel Matt Smith-Meck:

NOTE: I don't know why but when I have followed this link to the interview the video starts playing at the 6:30 mark. If it does this to you simply drag the progress bar to the beginning to see the entire interview.

This is the reason Hillary Clinton is so sure she won't be indicted, because she knows about things like this. In fact this is probably her operation, but she can take down a lot of people she has dirt on. This is why there is no justice anymore in this country, because EVERYONE in the government are criminals and they won't prosecute each other. Arrest them all. There is a Congress waiting in the wings to step in and start conducting the business of running this country the way it's supposed to be run, not like these criminal bastards we have in there now.

If there is anyone left at the Pentagon who hasn't sold out his honor, integrity and oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic, PLEASE STOP THESE CRIMINALS! WTF is wrong with federal law enforcement? Why aren't they doing their jobs? If no one granted the authority to uphold the laws is going to do their jobs, where does that leave us? Do the people have to try and arrest these criminals? How well do you think that will go over when everyday citizens come up against criminals in military uniforms?

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m_jenkins commented on Friday, Jun 03, 2016 at 10:35 AM

kIt is amazing that a story of this significance is not plastered across the front of newspapers nationwide but what we see instead is yet another example of exactly what the news media is, a propaganda tool. It is a tool used by the criminals to shape your perception of the world they build around you. It is not meant to provide you with "real" news, only those stories that do not incite you to question the government expose their criminal activity. Of all the news made every day, what falls out of the bottom of the giant corporate-censored filters then becomes news worthy for our consumption. Then after consuming our allotted daily dose of non-news, we then form our world views based on this synthetically generated wall paper inside of our little rat cage they have put us in. It's all about controlling perceptions. If someone does not believe you to be capable of committing a crime, you may never become a suspect. But if the reason they don't believe you are not capable of committing that crime is because you have hidden your criminal past from them, they have a distorted reality of who you really are. Throughout our education as young adults we were taught that the federal government existed as a mandate from the people, to serve the people and to be staffed with those whom we choose to represent us. Therefore, to believe the government is guilty of crimes means that we are accusing ourselves. In steps the news media to omit the true nature of this government and conceal its criminal activity, perpetuating our false sense of control we are supposed to exercise over the government's workings.

m_jenkins commented on Friday, Jun 03, 2016 at 10:36 AM

When the news media is controlled by a handful of corporations who stand to benefit from the government's criminal activity it is their natural response to want to hide that activity from those whose ultimate responsibility is to insure there is no criminal activity occurring within "our" government. But what happens if in the night, that government we created is replaced by a reasonable facsimile and no one reports this change to us. We wake up with the same belief that the government is an extension of the American people's will. But this government is not the government we created. That government we created was dissolved in bankruptcy due to the deliberate criminal actions of an illegal central bank that had been established 20 years prior. So at the end of the Great Depression our rightful government was broke and could not pay its creditors. Those creditors then used our own bankruptcy laws to seize control of this bankrupt entity in order to manage it through the bankruptcy. At the same time, through their control over the dollar, they were able to set up a debt-based system of credit that perpetuated our debt and insured that their ongoing management would be a never-ended scenario.

By the early twenties the banks had purchased all of the major newspapers in this country and so when the Federal Reserve began to carry out their financial and economic acts of war that resulted in the overthrow of our government, not a single news paper would mention the quiet demise of this nation as the criminals took over.

This new government does not care that you think they work for you and they demonstrate this by manipulating our elections, killing those we elect, spraying us with chemicals, dragging us into illegal wars, attacking us with the help of our supposed allies, violating our rights and allowing agents of a foreign power to hold positions within the government. This IS NOT the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers created. This is a much different animal, a predator that we do not control.

m_jenkins commented on Saturday, Jun 04, 2016 at 07:17 AM

To prove to you that the corporate news media is deliberately omitting important news stories from you, I am going to call the Modesto Bee and inform their editorial staff that there is a very important story involving high level treason unfolding on our southern border and the investigating team has informed the U.S. Congress but they have chosen to do nothing to stop these crimes. When Congress fails to act in the citizens best interest if often requires significant public pressure in order to make them do their jobs. However, how are the people supposed to even know about this story unless they go to Alex Jones' websites like PrisonPlanet.com or Infowars.com? I guarantee regular readers of these sites already know what the corporate-owned news media is doing because they get the news that you don't. So let's put this to the test and find out if the Modesto Bee will print this story. Then we can try a bigger newspaper.

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