Holiday tips for saving money and having fun

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Holidays have become kind of mandatory in today’s hectic lifestyle. Reports say that in 2014, almost 99 million Americans went for holidays annually to various destinations of the world. And with prices of gas and fuel expecting to come down, the numbers of travelers are sure to increase in the coming times. One of the main issues that need to be taken into consideration with traveling is the cost incurred in the same.
Here are some useful tips that will help in saving good deals of money on traveling so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest:
• Try booking your flights on Sundays – October and January are the peak travel months in America and in these months, the prices of air-tickets are sky high. As per reports of ABC news, booking flight tickets on Sunday night prove to be highly economical. It is possible to save almost few hundred dollars on flight tickets that are booked on Sunday.

• Use private browser for booking flights or clear website cookies – You might not know but various travel websites and airlines websites can actually track the numbers of times you have paid a visit to their website. Infact they change the rates of air tickets accordingly. If you are looking to get the best prices while booking tickets for your holidays online, make sure that the cookies, cache and the browser’s history is cleared. This will give the site the impression that you are first time visitor. Using private browser is also recommended by many.

• Booking a red eye flight – The red eye flight is usually avoided by people. It is quite obvious that the rates of these flight tickets are affordable when compared to other tickets. There is basically no point in wasting daylight hours on a flight. It is better to sleep in the flight all through the night and reach the destination in the morning. Infact most passengers sleep on these red eye flights so it is less chaotic as well.

• Check in and avail the booking pass using the airline app – Checking in online has become quite common now as it reduces loads of hassles of avoiding long queues at the airport. Majority of the leading airlines of the world now have their own apps through which you can check in and also gather your boarding pass. Infact in some of the apps, travel documents can also be saved.

• Arrange for your own water on flight – Make sure that you carry an empty water bottle with you. Once the security check gets over, you can fill up the bottle with water at the airport and carry it onboard. It was save you few dollars as you will not need to purchase water on the flight. This tip is really handy when you are traveling with children.

• Carry your own alcohol on the flight – Traveling and holidaying can be pretty stressful for you. If you want to relax a bit on the flight, sip on to your favorite alcohol. Instead of buying overpriced alcohol onboard, try carrying TSA sanctioned elixirs.
The money that you save by these processes can be invested in buying excellent gifts and souvenirs for you, your family and friends. Not a bad idea, is it?

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