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It's The Same Evil
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World War II was a definitive victory over the forces of evil. Or was it? Who won that war? It wasn't the Allies. What did we win? It cost millions of dollars and thousands of l i v e s. After the war ended we did get a new intelligence agency, the only problem was it was staffed by former war criminals who should have been standing trial at Nuremberg. The new CIA was a haven for Nazis spies. Of course by the time World War II had started, the United States government had already been overthrown by the Federal Reserve and IMF banks. And wouldn't you know it, the same people who own those banks are the ones who built the Nazi war machine. They are the same people who pushed this nation into Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. If America was not under the control of these foreign (a few domestic ones too) bankers, we would not be in the war business. We would not have an illegitimate president holding our borders open and inviting Ebola infected people to come to America.

Imagine this. A foreign invader has taken control of Washington, D.C. and using their advanced skills of mind control, blackmail and extortion they are able to manipulate nearly every representative there, including the president. Their goal is the total destruction of our nation. Now stop imagining because this is our reality. We did not defeat the evil people who were behind WWII. All we did was make them more wealthy and more powerful.

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I'm just rambling. There is such a vast amount of crimes that have been perpetrated against the American people that many are completely oblivious to. You could sit an uninformed American TV junkie down in the morning and tell him what has been done to this country and it will all be news to him. By the time the day is over you will have barely scratched the surface. You tell him it will take the rest of the week to bring him somewhat up to speed as he sits there in cranial meltdown, too overwhelmed to even respond to your words.

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