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Expanding on the Hijacked Analogy
Last comment by MrTowlie 3 years, 11 months ago.

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I would l i k e to expand on my previously published analogy of how America was hijacked and how the hijackers have thus far been able to maintain the upper hand. As time goes on the severity of the hijacking deepens as our captor's plans continue towards a most unhappy ending.

NOTE: However disturbing hijackings are for the American people following 9/11 this scenario does well to represent that w h i c h goes on in the cockpit the passengers never see. And by the way, wasn't it odd that Flight 93 never made it to New York in order to hit Building 7, but that is what the script called for and Building 7 housed the Security and Exchange Commission offices that held the documented evidence of many investigations including the Enron energy scandal, a crime w h i c h George W. Bush was involved with. P l a n e or no p l a n e, that building had to come down and sure enough, it did.

The P l a n e: America

The Passengers: The American People

The Flight Crew: The Federal Government

The Hijackers: Ultra-rich ruling-class international bankers
(a.k.a. Globalists, Global E l i t e, Illuminati, Zionists, etc.)

The Weapon: The Federal Reserve (Privately-owned banking cartel)

How it Started:
Beginning with the First Bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve was the last attempt of three to establish a central bank in this country. The first two attempts each started with a 20-year charter and both ended without renewal when Congress saw the banker's intention was to overthrow the government. Apparently we as Americans didn't get any smarter through this experience and a l l o w e d the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve System, handing one of the Congress' most sacred powers to coin money and r e g u l a t e i t s value over to a run-for-profit banking cartel.

The Hijack:
Established by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the central bankers began setting up America to take a fall. By holding interest rates unnaturally low near the beginning of the 1920's they created a boom in business and growth (lending). This period was known as the "Roaring Twenties" and during this time many Americans took out loans to invest in their futures, start businesses, obtain property and improve lifestyles. Following the stock market Crash of 1929 (engineered by Wall Street insiders) the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates at the same time pulling 1/3 of all currency out of circulation. The famous economist Milton Friedman noted that contracting the money supply will always cause a depression and that is exactly what the Federal Reserve did. They held America in the grip of the "Great Depression" until the Constitutional Republic (our rightful government) was unable to meet i t s financial obligations. At that point it was d e c l a r e d bankrupt and in 1933 was dissolved of all authority.

R e p l a c e m e n t of the Flight Crew:
Over the next 80 years banker selected individuals (Barack Obama) r e p l a c e d those who did not want to play along with the treason that had been committed. The people still had the vote but ever increasingly the "shadow government" was able to restrict who was a l l o w e d to have a shot at winning elections. With nearly all of the Congress under the control of these oligarchs it is rare to see individuals who are fighting for l i b e r t y get anywhere near the White House. These bankers know better than to openly crush hopefuls l i k e Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) because these patriotic Americans create the illusion of freedom and preserve the misunderstood notion that "We the People" still have a say in what this government does.

How it Continues:
The violent part of the hijacking started when the government "Of the People" was forced into bankruptcy through acts of economic and financial warfare by the Federal Reserve. The only way to escape the bankruptcy would be to pay off the national debt. The Federal Reserve bankers have made this impossible to do under their fiat monetary system and fractional reserve lending. These create perpetual debt for the government and the American people.

The hijackers have created a situation where we cannot possibly pay the money they say we owe. They created a government agency to collect payments on the debt called the Internal Revenue Service. Just as unconstitutional as the Federal Reserve other federal agencies have taken on the appearance of the "P o l i c e State" by creating their own para-military divisions who routinely assault the American people. If it is not the TSA sexually assaulting men, women and c h i l d r e n with their hyper-paranoid body searches, conducted by psychopaths and sexual predators hired by the government, it is the Bureau of Land Management gearing up for military-style attacks on U.S. citizens in order to destroy their family businesses and run them off the land. All of this madness is a direct result of the unelected oligarchs who claim ownership of this nation and all of the people, and their c h i l d r e n, and their belongings, and their land. But you won't see this story on the evening news.

Information Control:
The e l i t e own the media and are able to control what we are told. And what we are told is often lies and deception. They even went as far as having laws written to protect them as they deceive and m a n i p u l a t e us. There is no law that states that the television news has to tell you the truth or that they have to tell you anything at all. Television was designed for entertainment purposes.

State of the Passengers:
It is hard to really say what percentage of the passengers on this flight don't even r e a l i z e they have been hijacked. Whose to say if they all knew would it make any difference in the outcome?

State of the Flight Crew:
R e a l i z e that by now the hijackers are no longer required to be on the p l a n e because they know where their hand-picked flight crew call home. They know who their families are and they trust the flight crew will behave accordingly or very bad things could happen. The people they p l a c e d in the cockpit couldn't fly to save their own l i v e s but they do follow instructions carefully. They exist in precarious positions as do we, because their handlers could easily have them fly the p l a n e straight into the ground. In fact, that is the "End Game" of this hijacking.

Note From the Author:
I recently had the honor of meeting and speaking with a couple of federal agents from the Secret Service. These guys were a real class act just l i k e you see in the movies. They were very professional, courteous and p o l i t e. I was able to explain to them briefly how our government was hijacked by bankers. It was hard to tell if any of what I said was getting through to them, especially when they never removed the mirrored lenses. I wish them the best of luck in honoring their oaths to the U.S. Constitution. The present situation makes it very difficult for anyone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution when faced with illegal orders from their superiors. When the top leaders in government get away with crimes of treason it tends to diminish the perceived authority of those who must work below them. Integrity must flow down from the top and when that integrity is lost the entire system suffers.

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MrTowlie commented on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 17:10 PM

"I recently had the honor of meeting and speaking with a couple of federal agents from the Secret Service."

If you have an "accident" or suddenly quit posting at least we'll know why.

m_jenkins commented on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 14:33 PM

If that happens consider me a casualty of war. I am a volunteer patriot serving his country. I wear no uniform and receive no compensation. I speak openly at risk of persecution from those who are the enemies of liberty. I pray that God protects me from harm. I love this country and the American people. I will defend the U.S. Constitution as the document that provides sovereign authority to the people.

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