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Well, glad to see the world hasn't ended! ...Due to apocalypse, anyway. Really, after that disappointing Y2K thing, you can't really put your faith into fad doomsday pictures anymore. The real challenge now is guessing which man-made disaster is going to do us all in at a later date.
Finding a fringe cataclysm for the end of the world seems to be a modern sport nowadays. Because you know there's no shortage of news sources anywhere and everywhere painting a vibrant picture of the world ending in a diverse number of ways. (Usually via economy.) I'm a big fan of the economy-ocalypse. It's always intriguing, full of promising doom, and just nuanced enough that nobody is ever really sure what's going on.
But hey, states are starting to legalize marijuana! Revolutionary law-making, or lack-of-caring anymore due to upcoming end of the world? You decide.
This should come as a great relief to the other bloggers around here. I swear, there's got to be a million pro-grass entries below this one. I went back several pages and it was probably one or two people with digital soap-boxes dedicated to convincing you to get off that fence and vote a little 'greener' during the next election.
That's great for them though. They've got a niche market and they're preaching to 'em. Talk about research, too. They're quoting sources and university studies, citing recent events and even with a penchant for using aberrant words!
I have no public opinion on the matter, but you can't deny the tenacity of these virtual hemp warriors.
If these topics seem a little bleak, (and upon a quick rereading, they drip pessimism), I'll apologize and just blame it on the weather.
Yes, the weather. Possibly the most boring subject that every person can't stop talking about ever. Well here, in the beautiful area of Lemoore, it's fog. Not just fog, dense fog. Stephen King movie fog. And it's not just that it's foggy, (which is like a depressing cloudy day that just decides to come on down and share itself with you), it's that driving through this stuff makes me drive like an old granny who can't see over the steering wheel.
(A preemptive apology to all the grandmothers, I love mine very much).
Set me out on the freeway on a sunny day and I'll politely weave my way through traffic. (Never hogging the fast lane, mind you. A completely different upcoming blog, stay tuned).
However, this unmerciful fog completely strips me of any notion of speed or highway tactics. I slow down the entire way. Which in and of itself is not bad, is the inevitable line of people that impatiently pile up behind me.
Yes, I am that slow truck. It's me. You caught me, guilty.
And what if you've never known what goes through the mind of that slow person in the fog? Well guess what? Today's your lucky day! I'll tell you exactly what the person you're tailgating in the fog is thinking!
'STOP TAILGATING ME'. Plain and simple! Probably works for sunny weather conditions, as well! You want to go play roulette with your car, pass me! You want to use me as a beacon of fog-ridden light? Just back off a little and enjoy the stress-free environment of being behind the car in the first place fog race.
It's not healthy to rant this much, even for the internet. End scene.
And with that, my blog is updated. I am eighty percent positive someone has Chinese food waiting for me nearby, and assuming nobody wrecks me in the fog or the world doesn't end as I'm driving, this will be a fantastic way to end a Duty Saturday.

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