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Playing Tourist
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Last comment by MrTowlie 5 years, 9 months ago.

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Right now my youngest sister is in Ireland. I'm still boggled a bit over that one. She and her boyfriend's family are vacationing for a month in Europe. They're renting a lovely little cottage and they've planned trips to Scotland, Belgium, Paris, and London to sample various pubs and whatnot, taking in the sights, playing tourist, and enjoying the respite from the States.
I am so envious.
Okay, I'm not begrudging her the trip because frankly, if she hadn't gone I'd have thumped her in the head for being dumb but while I'm urging her to go and experience something I might never be able to do, I'm secretly wishing I'd been more adventurous at her age. But then, at her age, I had two babies, a husband and a wealth of responsibility. My sister, on the other hand, is dating a good guy but otherwise has little in the way of anything tying her down. So, if there's ever a time to do something like this in her life, now is it. I told her to bring back something "authentic" from Ireland and I'm curious as to what that might be. A leprechaun, perhaps?
But even as I'm pining for the European experience, our mom is not as happy. She doesn't like the idea of her baby flying so far away and now compound that feeling with the recent headline news that an Air France Airbus plummeted out of the sky in the worst aviation disaster since 2001, and our mom has become understandably twitchy about the whole thing.
Still, this is an amazing opportunity for my sister and I'm glad she's doing it. Not to say that I won't worry about her. I'm 14 years older than my baby sis and sometimes I feel as if I worry about her as much as I worry about my own kids but she's a pretty smart young woman, plus her boyfriend is an Army man with multiple tours under his belt so I don't fear that she'll be unprotected so I'm just going to send my well-wishes for a fabulous time and wonder what she's going to bring me!

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lvanmeter commented on Saturday, Jun 27, 2009 at 13:12 PM

First...I love this new format for responding! Sweetie, your stuff always makes me smile. :) Except sometimes your articles make me cry. Your sister will be back home in only a couple of days and I will be so comforted. I need to know ALL my children are safe within my grasp. You know I'll be tracking her flight with the wonderful help of the internet!!! We'll have to have a BBQ to watch all the pictures and video's she's bringing back.

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