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This is so frakkin' cool
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Let's just preface this little intro by saying I'm totally digging this new website and it's capabilities. It's like being blasted into the 21st century from our former zip code in the stone age and we're trading ug-ug-tug-bug for wrap-around 3-D glasses and a hovercraft. And that's just frakkin' cool if you ask me.
I'm looking forward to seeing how people react to the new site and I'm really psyched at the video stuff we're going to be able to do. This is the future of media and it's exciting to be a part of it.
When we first heard about this idea I was intrigued but sometimes change moves slowly so I didn't give it much thought. I figured, if it gets here, great, if not, oh well. But this change came about rather quickly and that made me sit up and take notice. So, it's here, we're on board, and the sky's the limit.
I hope to be banging around frequently at this new place but there's a slight learning curve so please don't mind our dust, so to speak, as we settle in and learn what the heck we're doing.
So what can you expect from my blog entries? Well, I'm a bit of a wild card. I'm opinionated, quick-witted, with a dry sense of humor and sometimes just plain off-the-wall strange, so I guess you can expect rants, raves, useless trivia, unpopular opinion, and sometimes silly stuff that just catches my fancy. Sound like fun? I think so. Don't be shy. Let's chat and get this party started.

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