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Pass the popcorn

My husband and I love movies. A passion for film is what brought us together as we met on the set of a college production where I was the lead actress and he was the camera operator. It's been nearly 18 years since that moment and there's been many changes in our lives but one thing that hasn't changed is our mutual appreciation for the cinema. For us, date night almost always involves a movie ...

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Last comment by MrTowlie 5 years, 5 months ago
Global Warming Corruption

After researching campaign contributions for several years. I want to make something very clear. Liberal organizations are using class action law firms to sue over global warming issues and in turn these firms are contributing thousands of dollars to the political campaigns of individuals running for office or are already in office. The City of San Francisco and Oakland have hired the law firm of HAGENS BERMAN SOBOL SHAPIRO to sue BP, Chevron Corp, Exxon ...

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Last comment by lindataylor 1 year ago
Big False-flag Coming?

An unprecedented effort to silence free speech by the Deep State Mainstrea_m Media is presently taking place. The Mainstrea_m Media is preparing for another event probably much bigger than the school shooting in Florida. They have so far been unable to control the narrative regarding that shooting. You say you don't believe that the Deep State have a hand in school shootings. Four Broward County deputies were told to stand down. EMTs were told to ...

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Last comment by rocknrolus 9 months, 1 week ago
Xavier Becerra Campaign Contributions

Campaign contributions tell a story and it is our right and responsibility to know what that story is and then to inform the public. Knowledge is power.

Campaign Contributions to Xavier Becerra's 2018 campaign for Attorney General of California.

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Last comment by lindataylor 1 year ago
CORRUPTION: Xavier Becerra.

Who does Becerra think he is? We need more jobs in this state and our Attorney General - the top cop in California- is threatening employers with prosecution and a $10,000 dollar fine if they give information to ICE about illegal immigrants. Our Attorney General is demanding that employers break the law.

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