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Who'll Protect Us From The Police?

The police are not our friends. They have an "us or them" mentality. If you're not a member of LE then you are one of "them", the enemy. To cops we are all guilty of something. They just have to figure out what.

The police in this country have devolved into thuggish paramilitary street gangs. Under the Pentagon's 1033 program (which includes a clause that requires police to use the equipment within ...

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Last comment by m_jenkins 5 hours, 53 minutes ago
Sobering Prediction

A website called has some interesting predictions about the future of the United States. While this site is focused around military equipment and civil aviation the dire forecast for the U.S. reflects a massive decimation of the population. Is this why Obama is keeping our borders open?

The website does post this message on their home page:

For those who might be concerned.
The countries forecast has ...

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Scientific Proof Of Bombs In The Buildings

There exists American people who still either believe the government's official story about 9/11 or have doubts about the official story yet don't believe the U.S. government had any part in the attacks.

To these naive Americans, whatever trust you had in government and the media that has been the foundation for your beliefs, scientific evidence has long ago proven the three buildings of the World Trade Center complex that were leveled ...

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Last comment by m_jenkins 3 days, 1 hour ago
Legal Marijuana In Colorado Six Months Later

So much for the Chicken Little prohibitionists running in frantic little circles while desperately shrieking "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". Six months in and the sky is bluer than ever. According to government statistics murder is down by over 42%, all violent crimes down by 2%, and major property crimes by 11.5% in the Denver Metropolitan Area.

The state will also save an estimated $12M to $40M by ...

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Last comment by MrTowlie 4 days, 3 hours ago
California Dems Call For Marijuana Legalization

The California Democratic Party has officially called for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use at their annual state convention. ( ) The party's 2014 platform states that they "Support the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana, in a manner similar to that of tobacco or alcohol."
( )
There it is folks, the Democratic Party has come out in support of legalizing marijuana in a manner similar to that of ...

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