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Open Your Mind and Then Your Eyes

This will undoubtedly be the most bizarre blog post I will ever make and as much as I don't want to believe this could be true, the physical evidence is hard to deny. From the very first time I saw this person on the television I thought to myself, "Something is wrong with this picture". Since that time there has always been something that was very unsettling about this person but due to this person's ...

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Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told

Please view this 15 minute video to learn about what you are not being told about the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Please remove the underscore from the word "wa_tch" in the following link to the video.

I often wonder if the forbidden letter sequence w***h was chosen simply because YouTube videos all contain the word "w a t c h" within the URL. ...

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TSA $$ for Ideas to Speed Screening Lines

Here's my idea. TSA employees stay home and write 1000 times on your chalkboards, "I will NOT go to work with goose-stepping pedophiles and uniformed thieves who are needlessly delaying and feloniously groping citizens as they rub the 'Police State' and the fraudulent 'War on Terror' in the faces of the American people." Every day you stay home from work will create significant decreases in the amount of time American travelers must waste passing through ...

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Begging To Be Impeached

Perhaps Barack Obama wants us to impeach him. Wouldn't you want to be impeached if you were him? Seriously, his controllers tell him to do things that he knows over 300 million Americans are going to despise him for yet he is in between a rock and a hard place. Granted, as a Kenyan he has no love for this country, but even at that he must be able to feel that the things he ...

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VICTORY! Cannabis Legal In Colorado And Washington

Colorado and Washington state have struck a blow for individual freedom and states rights. Thumbing their noses at the Federal Government and it's failed 40 year "war on drugs" they have boldly rejected the prohibition of a substance far safer than the legally sanctioned poisons of the alcohol industry and replaced it with a means to regulate cannabis's sales and use. Rather than continuing to spend obscene amounts of our tax dollars on an immoral, ...

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