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Mar 14, 2019
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charlotte mason
OCCUPATION: Education, training, and library
BIRTHDAY: May 14, 1988
BIO: My name is Charlotte my dream is to inspire and help others through my writing and one day to hopefully write and be successful with it enough to do it for a living rather than just a hobby. I don't have a degree in the field of writing however i do have more than enough experience. Ive been writing as long as i can remember anything from, poetry essays, short stories to raps, songs qoutes, holliday cards And letters. Writing is my outlet, my medicine so to speak. Ive been working on a book for years just not sure how too put it together and present it to the world. Not sure if I'm looking for a publisher, or author or editor or what but if your interested and would want to take that chance of giving me a chance or introducing me to a friend of a friend who may know someone in that industry then please don't hesitate to text or email me back. I guess I'm praying this may open.the door for my writing career to finally take off.

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